Maybe you used to visit Spain or maybe this is your first time, it´s possible you know the main cities or our fantastic beaches with a lot of tourists there. However, there is another part of Spain that brings a good chance to immerse yourself in Spanish culture; we are talking about Castilla La Mancha and rural tourism.

Our region is famous because of Quixote´s book - a lot of people visit Campo de Criptana windmill, where the knight fought with giants. Then, Dulceida´s small town is nice to see too. Sure, Don Quixote has already been in Ruidera´s lakes and “Las Tablas” in Daimiel, you have to visit them too.

One of the most popular cities in Castilla La Mancha is Toledo – it´s a historic place where people from different religions as Christians, Muslims and Jews used to life in peace. There are a lot of narrow streets with small shops with typical sweets and gifts.

Our region is full of beautiful places with many activities, we strongly recommend you visit the wineries and attend a wine tasting. There is a really interesting opportunity to learn more about the different varieties of grapes, their characteristics and taste. You can take a walk in the countryside, through old vineyards and enjoy the nature. Some of our wineries offer enotourism with tasting and “tapas” (small meals) or lunch; you can see all the winemaking process and take photos with oak barrels where fantastic wines lie waiting to be discovered. Come and experience it for yourself, it will be an unforgettable trip.