When the harvest approaches, it is important to decide when to pick the grapes for wine, sugar levels increase, while acids decrease, depending on the variety, the optimal sugar and acid levels may vary.

On the top of the driest wines are Sauvignon blanc (white) and Tempranillo (red), the first one´s origin is from Bordeaux (France) depending on the climate its flavor can range from grassy to tropical fruit. The Tempranillo (called Cencibel too), it’s the main grape used for production of Red Spanish wines, actually it´s one of the most widely planted wine grapes.

Merlot and Garnacha red grapes could be considered to be medium sweet. Both of these grapes are used for blending or varietals wines. Merlot is the most widely planted grape in the Bordeaux region and one of the most popular red or rose wines in many markets, the results are more medium-bodied wines with fresh and red fruit flavors such as strawberries. In the case of Garnacha grapes they originated from Spain, their spicy flavor stands out with white pepper notes with a relatively high alcohol content.

For medium sweet Gewürztraminer grapes are selected– these grapes grow best in cooler climates. As a curiosity they have aromas of roses with floral notes.

The sweetest wines are Port/Tawny Port – this style of red wine comes from the north of Portugal, it´s a blend of many full-bodied grape varieties. For white options, Muscat has a high sugar level, it´s famous for its sweet flavors such as peaches, whereas Moscato wine is typically thought of as a dessert wine.

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