Article published in Japan about our D.O. wines. Pay

Great Payments of La Mancha in Japan

Se ha publicado un artículo en sobre Grandes Pagos de España: La Mancha. In it they talk about our D.O. wines. Pay:

– Dehesa del Carrizal

Dehesa del Carrizal is a Vino de Pago, the highest qualification contemplated by the legislation. It is a Protected Designation of Origin and limited to a small number of wineries and vineyards whose grapes, production and bottling must be carried out within the “Pago”. In this sense, our fields are made up of acidic soils of siliceous Mediterranean forest, humid climate and an altitude of 800 meters.

– Finca Élez

The Pago Finca Élez vineyards are located in a place that combines edaphic characteristics and a unique and unrepeatable microclimate. Aspects that give our grapes and our wines very particular features that differentiate and distinguish them from any other area.

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